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Finding the right dress for the type of your body shape is a MUST where you can smash up, even the super models! In order to get that right body, wear you should know you’re self very well as wearing any kind of dress might make fashion faux in which you are not comfortable but you want to wear as it is in trend. You need to make the trend yourself and set your OWN STLYE STATEMENT and make new rules, rather than going behind the actresses and models as they shape up their body through working out! There are many do’s and don’ts while choosing an attire, especially if you are short or tall, bulky or thin, have big butt or small, long neck, color of your eyes and hair, etc. First impression is the last impression, as everyone knows, even in the fashion world especially for a woman where the opposite sex gets attracted. Also, choosing the right fashion accessories is a must which should go well or blend well with the dress you are going to wear. Picking up any kind of dress you must know in and out of it, say the type of cloth you are choosing – cotton, silk, etc.; how to wash it and iron it and maintain them well.

For a taller woman, wearing long skirts makes you look tall. If using belts over pants or skirts, don’t wear it too tight. High collared for those who have short neck is a NO, but better to go for a neck deep cut top to elongate your neck. To flatter your figure (for petite women), contrast colors are best by adding a scarf or belt with your pants or skirts.

latest Style Statement

If you are heavy bottom, then use dark colors bottoms and tops light color because people will look at the light color and your bottom will be unnoticed being darker shade. Tapered skirts are strictly NO for your lower body. Woman who are heavy from the upper part of the body, use soft flowing fabrics. Use dark colors on top and light on the bottom. You can go for V-neck tops so that the upper part doesn’t show up too much. Just wear clothes according to the shape of your body and which is comfortable making your own trend and style statement.

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