What Your Bag Says About You And Your Personality?

All women have a common point. What is it? Of course, the love we have for women’s bags, since it is the ultimate accessory that never loses its value. Each one of us, has her favorite design that she likes.

Have you thought, what is your psychological state when your favorite accessory, your bag, is selected?

So let’s analyze our character in relation to the way we hold our bag.

Kathlyn Hendricks, a body language specialist and author, reveals that the way we hold our bag in our daily exits and appointments reveals many hidden elements of our character.

See what your character looks like depending on how you hold your bag:

  1. What does your character look like when your bag is on your shoulder:

Are you of the women who hold the shoulder bags more freely without worrying about hanging in a loose way? Then you do not really care about the design and the way your bag looks to others. What you want, is the most practical part of your bag and you need to be able to get it in the right away.


  1. What does your character look like when you hold your bag’s chain slightly:

Are you of that kind of women that you like to hold your bag off the chain and generally have it close to your body? This move shows you are shy, you do not want to be with a lot of people and you are looking for a practical bag. When you have your bag near to your body, you feel confident about your whole picture.


  1. What does your character look like when you hold your bag next to your elbow:

Are you of the women you like to hold your bag around your elbow? It’s a popular and stylish way to keep your bag. If you do it often, it is a need of your own hierarchy and you want to show that you have strength and status. You like to know your superiority and you want others to respect you.

  1. What does your character look like when you hold your cross body:


Are you of the women you like to hold your crossbody bag? As you’ve noticed almost all the celebrity, wear the hanging bags crossed. This means that they do not feel comfortable with the paparazzi and with this movement they feel shy, reluctant and work defensively. So, every time you are with a lot of people, you want to feel confident about the position of your bag and place it in a cross.

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