What Is Fuel Injector Cleaner And What Types Are There?

Maintaining a vehicle has never been easy, even when it comes to simple tasks like keeping the fuel lines clean of dirt. The quality of fuel you put into your gas tank is just as important as the quality of oil you put into your engine. Your engine is likely to give you a lot of issues and ultimately develop a serious fault if you do not clean it regularly. Deposits that accumulate over a period of time can decrease the efficiency of your mileage and if left for a long time it can lead to serious damage that is likely to cost a lot of money to repair.

If you want your car to last long, then you have to make it a habit to clean your fuel injector and fuel lines by the use of a fuel injector cleaner.

In this article, we are going to discuss fuel injector cleaners.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

What is a fuel injector cleaner?

Fuel injector cleaners are additives that are made to clean the accumulated deposit from fuel. The injectors are regarded as the core of an engine because they play the role of regulating the quantity of fuel that is introduced into the combustion chamber of the engine. They are positioned near the valves, where they are exposed to heat, oil, and carbon on a regular basis.

There are so many brands of fuel injector cleaner in the market, but not all of them can do the job of cleaning your fuel lines very well. Below are three important ingredients you should look out for when buying a fuel injector cleaner.

  1. Polyisobutylene Amine- This compound is just like the PIB, but it is more effective in removing moisture from the engine. However, they are not so effective in cleaning the combustion chamber, so they are basically used strictly as maintenance product, rather than something that can remove long accumulated gunk in the fuel lines.
  2. Polyisobutylene- This compound is commonly known as PIB and it is used by both diesel and gasoline fuel injectors. It acts as a tough detergent that removes accumulated sediment and builds up in the fuel injector. Recent research has shown that using PIB reduces the chances of an engine knock or misfiring.
  3. Polyester Amine- They are also known as PEA, and they are effective at removing residues and particles that have solidified in the fuel injector. This compound helps to break down compounds that are difficult to break on the molecular level. The broken down deposits are then ejected harmlessly through the exhaust pipe after they have been through the combustion chamber. The reason why a lot of people use this product is that it leaves zero residues in the fuel injectors or fuel lines in the engine.

Types of fuel injectors cleaner on the market

When purchasing a fuel injector cleaner, you are likely to be faced with a lot of brands. Knowing the brand that would suit your needs might be difficult at first, but if you make your research you will find it much easier when purchasing it on the market. Below are good fuel injector cleaners.

  1. Redline Complete SI-1 fuel cleaner- This product has been highly rated by customers because they are very effective when it comes to cleaning and they are safe when it comes to cleaning the fuel injector. If you have never treated your vehicle before, this is the cleaner to use because it has some additives that clean the cylinders in an engine. The main ingredient in this cleaner is PEA. The presence of PEA in this cleaner makes it expensive.
  2. Royal purple Max fuel system cleaner- Testing this product has shown that it is not only efficient but can also boost the horsepower of your vehicle. This performance will be experienced by users who have not cleaned their fuel injector and fuel lines for a long time. This product can be used after every ten thousand miles you cover. Doing this will keep your car engine always in a top notch condition.
  3. Lucas fuel – if you run the diesel and gasoline vehicles, the Lucas fuel treatment is for you. This cleaner contains conditionals that help to keep the engine clean and removes all residues that may have accumulated on the fuel lines and fuel injected. To some, the Lucas fuel treatment is one of the top fuel injector cleaners you can find on the market

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