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Upgrade Your Underwear Stash: Types Of Underwear Every Stylish Woman Should Have

It is only natural to have different outfits for different occasions and gatherings. The same applies to shoes. So, why should it be any different for underwear?

Trust me, a good nicely fitting underwear sets the foundation of your whole outfit. No matter how unspoken, panties are undeniably the most important item in your closet. They not only make or break your ensemble, but the right undergarment will give you a confidence boost and comfort levels that soar high.

Let not your underwear be an after-thought.

Below is a list of undergarment must-haves. Go through your current stash to see if you already got them or you will pay a visit to the store and buy panties sooner rather than later.

Types Of Underwear Every Stylish Woman

  • Briefs

You probably know them as ‘granny panties

Briefs provide full coverage and are very comfortable. Their waistbands are higher than your regular panties.

Many women do not find them stylish or sexy in the least but so what? They are basic panties that every woman runs for them in times of need.

Briefs come in handy during ‘that time of the month.’ They give you full coverage and feels more ‘secure’ down there.

They are also appropriate when you are having a lazy day at home; either alone or with your boyfriend. Just put on some briefs with a t-shirt and enjoy watching a movie.

  • Thongs

When looking to eliminate visible panty lines, a thong is your best option. As much as they may not be the most comfortable option, it is a must-have for any woman.

Why is that?

Thongs are perfect for wearing tight clothes. They give fitted bottoms a seamless look. last but not least, they are sexy and are the go-to for a romantic evening with your significant other.

  • Bikini

Typical bikini panties are slim on the sides, have a high-cut leg line and back coverage. Its waistband rests on the hips, a couple of inches below where briefs rest. Think of it as the go-between of a brief and a thong. Bikinis offer coverage while still looking attractive.

Bikini panties can be worn anytime. The seamless bikini panties offer the perfect option when you need a less visible finish. Unlike briefs, they do not show panty lines.

They are also appropriate when you need to wear something a little sexy.

  • Boyshorts

As the name suggests, boyshorts take after men’s briefs. They modelled in a more rectangular shape as compared to other panties.

Just like briefs, they offer full frontal and side coverage thou the base takes a more thong-like structure.

Boyshorts are all seasonal. They are your best bet when you are looking to wear a little black dress or skirt but with your hips and bottom covered. Plus, it is less embarrassing when the wind happens to blow up your flowy dress because it will look like a sexy pair of hotpants.

  • Hip huggers

Just as the name suggests, these panties are worn below the waistline, around the hips. The leg openings go above the thighs.

The level of coverage hip huggers offer the wearer varies from panty to panty. This is entirely up to the wearer to decide as they shop around.

Hip huggers are mostly worn with low cut jeans or something that has a low waistline as they minimize the chances of your panty showing, especially when you sit down.

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