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Top Men’s Urban Streetwear Trends of 2017

Streetwear has evolved into so much more than a ratty t-shirt thrown on over faded athletic shorts. This sector has become a major power player in the fashion industry, with big time names investing in it and prominent campaigns promoting it.

In its own way, urban streetwear has also become sophisticated. Meticulous design elements make some pieces as elaborate as a custom made suit, albeit in a gritty way. 2017 is shaping up to be a particularly interesting year for men’s street fashion.

Monochromatic White

A distinct departure from previous streetwear trends of dark colors, men have been sporting all-white looks. One play on this trend is oriental-inspired silhouettes, but this is certainly not the only way to wear head-to-toe white. Some men have gone for the oversize look of billowy t-shirt and long shorts, while others have kept it streamlined with trousers, an edgy button-up shirt and sweater.

Men’s Urban Streetwear Trends

Brilliant Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are not a trend for just the ladies this year. They are big for men as well, but in an interesting twist, men have been sporting them in a variety of colors including pink and green. Men wishing for a conservative look can opt for black or navy and still look on trend. When incorporating a bomber jacket in 2017, it is important to keep all of the other pieces of your outfit streamlined.

Bold Graphics

From daring monochrome prints to boyish details such as animals, surfboards and astronauts, the graphics of 2017 are not shy. And they have been showing up on items of urban streetwear including baseball caps, jackets and shirts. Pair these quirky prints with simple yet youthful pieces such as baseball caps and knitted socks worn over the ankle.

Playful Neckerchiefs

There is nothing yee-haw about the modern interpretation of the bandana in 2017. An easy way to inject a pop of color into your wardrobe, neckerchiefs are an inexpensive way to rock street style. They also dress up a simple silhouette.

Sweet Dreams

Taking the oversize trend a step further, men have been sporting pajama inspired looks in the daytime hours. However, the look is far from sloppy when paired with fitted pieces. If you are hesitant to dive in, you can dip a toe in the water with a loose-fitting chambray shirt.


It all started with the jogger becoming a streetwear staple a couple of years ago. That set the stage for luxurious athletic wear. This high-end clothing includes the streetwear staples you would expect, but elevated by the best quality materials and designed by the top brands. In more casual workplaces, athluxury is a perfectly acceptable form of dress, taking you from the office into your evening plans with ease.

Oversized is Back

Incorporating everything from t-shirts, flannels, pants and shorts, oversize is back in a big way this year. While it is influenced by the 1990’s grunge scene, the modern adaption of the oversized look is tempered with a more deliberately stylish aesthetic.

When it comes to men’s urban streetwear in 2017, one thing is certain: It is not boring. It also offers a distinct advantage. Whether your style is bold or conservative, you can rock the latest trends.

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