Top Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

So, guys don’t really demand us to say I love you all the time, they don’t react a lot. They’re calm and keep a lot of their troubles to themselves, unlike the fuss we girls make at times out of our minor problems. Because we know they are there to hold us and hug us tightly and tell us we’re okay. But they require this sometimes too. Our love when they need it the most, the feeling of being special to us. And it is about time to make your boyfriends realize how hot they are and how much you admire them being special to you. We have a list of best birthdays wishes and quotes to write on their greeting cards that can touch their hearts: You are like the coziest blanket on a chilly morning I can never get enough of, every time you kiss me it reminds me of our first kiss which was amazing, like a protective shield who watches out to the world to protect me yet can’t get enough of me and keeps staring like an owl. With your hugs, kisses and stares, you’ve totally had me falling for you and believe me this is the best fall I’ve ever had. I love you, idiot. Happy Birthday funny.

For a person with such a good humor, understanding nature and intellect, there are no changes I’d want to make, and with those killing looks that he has, it’s like a cherry on my cake. I love you so much and yeah, those lines are exclusively for you. Happy birthday, blow candles and make wishes. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Happy birthday, baby. Being with you is the ultimate bliss. You undo all the knots of my life and make it more livable. My life with you till now has been a crazy rollercoaster and an exciting one. You are one crazy boyfriend who is humorous, understanding, loving and…sexy. Happy birthday, monkey.

Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

Happy birthday to Mr. Heartthrob, the one, and my only one. I complain so much and get moody, throw tantrums and ask unreasonable questions. You handle me so well with that intellect and that matureness. You’re like my birthday wish and I wouldn’t want to change the slightest thing in you. Happy birthday my Mr. Right.

You have the kind of personality I crave, the kind of intellect I admire and the kind of humor I appreciate. I crave you baby and remember you’re my boy, my hottie. Happy Birthday. On this special day, I hereby accuse you of being a fugitive who stole my heart. Now keep it properly and no need to return it. Happy birthday, lover. Happy Birthday. So, you’re a day older now and I know you’re aging, turning ugly and fattening, but it’s okay I love with your imperfections. Ha-ha kidding Mr. Hotshot. You’re the hottest personality and you’re mine. Don’t you dare leave me ever! Love, your girl.

Now when I look back to how far we’ve come, from fighting like kids to……still fighting like kids. It’s been one hell of a journey and I want to grow old with you but never change the kind of chemistry we have, the kids we are from within who never want to let go of each other. Happy birthday, soul mate. Happy birthday to an exceptional man with an exceptional nature, my dream comes true.

I think the night we got drunk, I got pregnant. Happy Birthday.Haha, kidding. The kind of guy you are, who has respected me for my nature, always kept my comfortability prior to his own desires, makes me want to thank you for being so kind and understanding. I love you and a Happy Birthday.

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