The unsunny sunglasses

 Fashion designer Tom Ford doesn’t care when the seasons change. If he wants to wear a Tom Ford suit he will. If he wants to wear his Tom Ford Sunglasses he will. When you’re as big in the fashion world as he is- you can wear exactly what you like and not be out of touch. The seasons don’t own Tom Ford: Tom Ford owns the seasons.

For us mere mortals the changing of the seasons brings with it some difficult decisions when it comes to our wardrobes. We banish our sunglasses along with our kaftans and flip flops. We swap the bright, luscious colors of summer for the dull greys and muted browns of winter in a heartbeat. Our trusted Tom Ford sunglasses that have become a staple of our wardrobe are instantly folded away, exiled to the depths of the closet. We painfully wave goodbye to the summer.

The unsunny sunglasses

Here’s the good news- you don’t have to say goodbye to all of your summer wardrobe. The flip-flops, yes, they must go. Continuing the flip-flop trend would be problematic when combined with the giant rain cloud that seems to cast a shadow over the UK from September through to June. Sunglasses? They can stay. Seriously, sunglasses are fine. Go and dig them out right now. Gone are the days where you are judged harshly for wearing a pair of shades past August. Now, a pair of sunglasses in September doesn’t make you a wannabe celebrity who is missing their BMW and mink coat.

There was a long period of time when wearing designer shades in any other conditions other than glorious sunshine was a lifestyle statement rather than a fashion one. Winter shades were left to the likes of Simon Cowell and Victoria Beckham and ‘normal’ people frequently tutted loudly and voiced their disapproval of their ridiculous fashion choices.

The health gurus among us may want to believe that the high-profile celebrities that hide behind their shades all year round are simply healthy conscious. To be honest they do have a point. Many of us fail to realize that UV rays are just as harmful in winter as they are in summer. The sun sits lower in the sky during the winter months, which actually means that your eyes are more exposed than they are in summer. Despite the sun giving off less heat, it will still quite happily damage various layers of the eye.

It’s pretty unlikely that Victoria Beckham’s decision to wear a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses all year round was fueled by her extensive knowledge of optics and eye care- she’s no Specs avers ambassador. It’s also dubious to think that the general public have embraced winter shades purely because we’ve been told that it’s a healthy thing to do. Let’s face it, we’re all still a bit mad with Jamie Oliver because he banned the turkey twizzle back in the 90’s. We wear sunglasses in winter because it looks good. If the versatile accessory is worn correctly, it can really elevate an outfit. Teaming a pair of large, oversized sunglasses with black riding boots and a loose-fitting jumper is always a winning combination. It’s also worth turning your attention to the classic aviator style of shades. Aviators help you to keep that casual look cool. Paired with a fur-trimmed parker coat and your favorite knitted accessories the aviator bring a touch of chic. Perhaps you’re going for the retro-glamour look? You know, the floppy black hat, camel colored overlay and high-waisted jeans. Add a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and you’ve got the look down to a fine art.

Sunglasses are an all-year round necessity. Designers such as Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld have always known this. It’s just taken everyone else a little bit longer to catch on.

So, if you’ve been crying over the retirement of your Tom Ford Glasses, don’t. Get them back out and never banish your shades at the end of summer again. It’s time to plan your winter wardrobe, with your sunglasses becoming just as important as your knitwear accessories.

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