Should You Follow Fashion Trends Or Do Your Own Thing?

Anyone who cares about how they look and uses social media is probably exposed to articles and images pushing the latest trends on a daily basis. Whether it’s some hip blogger in New York or a magazine editor sharing the latest fashion news in West LA, we’re all constantly bombarded with experts who claim to know best when it comes to fashion.

It can often be unclear if we should follow the trends or just do our own thing. To help you figure out your personal fashion mentality, here’s a short guide on whether you should be a trend-follower or a trendsetter.

Follow Fashion Trends

Never Wear Something You Hate

If you’re in love with a current fashion trend and feel amazing when you wear it, then there’s not too much to debate when it comes to whether or not you should incorporate that trend into your wardrobe. However, if you feel really uncomfortable wearing something that’s currently in style, don’t bother. No matter how trendy magazine editors say that the trend is, if you feel awkward and lack confidence when you attempt to wear it, you won’t look or feel stylish. When it comes to fashion, items that make you feel confident are always in style.

Read The Room

An art gallery opening is a great place to try out that off-the-wall trendy look that you’ve been fantasizing about for weeks. Your grandmother’s funeral may not be. When it comes to dressing trendy, know your audience. For formal occasions, weddings and funerals, tried and true classic ensembles are a better bet than their trendy counterparts. When it comes to nightclubs, galleries or other trendy events, however, you have more room to experiment with your fashion choices.

Trust Your Gut

When it comes to fashion, you know whether you like something or not. If a store or a fashion magazine is pushing a dress that you have a negative visceral reaction to, don’t bother trying to make it work for you. Great fashion is influenced by external trends, but it should mostly be an expression of the wearer’s personality, taste and personal style.

When it comes to fashion, the best rule of them all is to wear what you love. Follow the trends that appeal to you, but ditch the ones that don’t.

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