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Reasons to Buy Solitaire Ring for Your Engagement

Choosing an engagement ring from wide array of designs can be a difficult task. Besides diamond, choosing a setting can be an important consideration. If you select an appropriate setting, the overall beauty of your ring will surely enhance.

On the contrary, if your choice of setting goes wrong, the awkward setting may spoil the overall look of your engagement ring. For instance, small sized diamonds about 0.3-0.4 carats work well for plain bands. However, in case you put the same diamond in a profligate setting having carvings and metalwork, you may only be able to see the setting of the ring.

With about thousands of available settings, making a choice may turn out to be a difficult task. Among others, solitaire setting is one of the popular choices due to its simplicity and lower cost. Following guide will brief you more details about solitaire engagement rings.

Buy Solitaire Ring for Your Engagement

About Solitaire Ring

Solitaire ring is one of the most popular choices of people looking for diamond engagement rings. Not only that it’s affordable among the class of other rings, but the look of this ring is evergreen and it may never go out of fashion.

Though most of the solitaire rings are attached with diamonds, some other gemstones that one can choose include ruby, emerald, tanzanite and sapphire. Jewellers can form the mentioned gemstones in the desired shape including cushion-shape, princess, pear, heart, round and oval.

Why to Choose a Solitaire Design?

If you’re not looking for gold engagement rings and can spend a bit more, then there’s nothing better than solitaire rings. The setting of such rings is very simple and its cost of paving and designing can be within a middle-class family’s budget.

Moreover, solitaire rings are timeless and enduring. You can pair these rings with any type of dress and they never go out of trend. Since its introduction in 1800s, solitaire ring setting has always been on the top.

Unlike other ring settings, which don’t match certain shapes of diamond, solitaire rings are compatible for all diamond sizes and shapes. Moreover, the setting of this ring ensures that diamond stone receives maximum possible light.

Solitaire Ring Components

  • Setting

Settings of a solitaire ring can differ from elegant, simple designs to intricate ones, which can enhance the attractiveness of a particular ring. However, the key function of a ring setting is to secure and bind the gemstones. Such gemstones may include sapphire, emerald, ruby and diamond etc. In case, the gemstone inserted is diamond, the importance of setting enhances even more because a diamond is usually worthier than other stones.

  • Metal

The metal used to make the band should be durable and should have the ability to highlight the best features of a diamond. Though one of the most popular materials used for making solitaire diamond ring is sterling silver, the other metal options are also available as per your requirement.


Hope this guide has provided you the required details about solitaire diamond ring setting.

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