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Most Popular Outfit in this summer: Catalina Floral Dress

Fashion’s continuous love affair with floral prints continues for spring/summer 2017 with many designers offering up their take on the popular pattern. Be prepared to embrace yourself with floral print dresses, swimsuits, shoes, and even sunglasses. This season’s florals come in soft pastel colors and vibrant hues, all of which are some certain limits of the garden theme.

Floral prints are extensive. Selecting a print that is flattering and favorable to your body and style is necessary.

Floral dress trend has been in full bloom for as long as we can remember; this spring brought with it oversized floral motifs that even included 3D designs.

Most of us have the flower print thing as compact mass of soft material, so you think you would not need advice on how to style floral dresses. These are a summer staple, and after a while they can feel a little tried. You seem to end up wearing the same old floral dresses, the similar rose print skirts, the same black, grunge skater dresses.

Catalina Floral Dress

But on the other side, florals are such a fun print to style. Catalina Floral Dress is come with interesting colors and patterns and looks beautiful outfits.

Regardless of whether you pick a big or small floral print dress, what you pair it with is important to your look. Floral dresses that have an all-over floral motif that spreads evenly over the fabric should be toned down and linked with neutral or visible colors. Neutral colors give your dress the ability to carry your floral and feminine look.

If you’re feeling inspired and want a more sexy appeal look, ditch the neutral colors and go for some pattern mixing instead.

Neutral colors such as black, beige, white, and silver generally flattery floral patterns and are many times closet staples. From your footwear to your jewelry to the bag you decide to carry, adding a dollop of neutral shades to confirm the floral print is balanced and in harmony with your style.

Combine your floral dress with an accessory that has a more visible stripes design such as a bangle bracelet or cuff. Also look to select one or two colors from your floral dresses and match all your accessories to those shades.