Make Each Decade Modern

‘60s Aesthetic

Make Each Decade Modern

With shows like “Mad Men” making a major buzz, the stylish two-piece button coat and skinny tie is shaping up business culture. From Mod to Bohemia, the 60s were the decade that brought us the Jackie O’ haircut, the Beatles, and popularized the British pop mop-top. This is not to say “the bob” is making a coming back anytime soon, but afros, sharp-cuts, and colored jeans are becoming quite trendy.

Looking to pull off that 60s high hair look? Get a crew cut, hop into your dad’s Mustang, and go down to the arcade to test those pinball skills. Women can strut fearlessly in a high-waisted skirt and low-heel shoes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear the classic Rockabilly look is coming back anytime soon.

‘70s Aesthetic

That ‘70s Show was a pop culture phenomenon that brought back memories of old band t-shirts and folks in Volkswagen Type-2s crossing the highways. Retro is all craze these days, which has resurrected vests in the mainstream. Designers everywhere are experimenting with retro styles whether it be flared denim jeans or bell bottoms replacing the skinny jeans.

Rock out your 70s fashion self with Hedi Slimane’s restoration of the classic “flirty dress.” For the men, long-collared t-shirts and a leather jacket will not even appear retro anymore. Most of all, avoid the hippie look as it almost feels counterintuitive with today’s style and maintain a good balance between new and vintage clothing for that signature 70s feel.

‘80s Aesthetic

One of this season’s biggest looks is also one of the most difficult to pull off, unless you’re a rockstar. Pearlized pink is all the rave and hooped earrings are filling the store shelves. Before you break out that short hemline sequined dress, take a hint from Saint Laurent about how to find a balance between understated tones and statement sleeves.

Watch out because bucket hats are back and don’t trust anyone wearing a power suit. At least you can embrace the 80s style while you workout in a jumpsuit or with some colorful leggings. To avoid being accused of being on the cast for “Saved By the Bell” beware of too much pink.

‘90s Aesthetic

Nineties kids will remember going back to school and having a special first day outfit. Feeling the nostalgia yet? Update your nineties look with a black floral dress. It never hurts to throw a flannel over anything for good measure. Of course, if we were making a checklist we’d have to mark the crop top, denim shirts, and mom jeans off the list for sure.

But if you’re looking for that clueless and grunge look, an unbuttoned shirt over a graphic tee is all you really need. Women need not be afraid to rock the overall look and or maybe a pair of dungarees. The decade that brought us long hair and mood rings also brought denim on top of denim, so don’t forget that.

2000s Aesthetic

Spotted: High fashion hitting the runway. Is it too soon to be nostalgic for the aughts? We don’t think so. Gossip Girl inspired us to be our best selves, on the outside at least, boy bands were a dying breed in favor of overproduced pop and emo hits, and using mobile websites was just catching on. If you’re trying to look fetch this year than pick up a pair of low-rise jeans, Sergio Rossi pumps, a crop-top, and put on that Hoobastank single you forgot about.

Get ready because rhinestones, cowl neck sweaters, and sassy t-shirt slogans are on the runway. Even Paris Hilton is on board. Now that’s hot.

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