Fashion Show

Sportswear, sportswear style is an important source of inspiration for today’s fashion designers. New interpretation of the sporty 2012 can be seen everywhere in the spring and summer series of international fashion week. Alexander Wang to draw inspiration, zippers, hollow, perspective and other elements from the competitive race cars, bicycles, and even off-road motorcycles clothing sporty cool feeling. Messenger broadband leather tube package like a golf bag, perspective black bra, mesh jackets, racing suits, suit, revealed that the locomotive girl ultimate temptation.

Lacoste show field polo shirt is transformed into a dress, the color of stitching the whole series is full of vitality. The shirt and leather jacket of the basic models of the actual wear and fashionable choice.

Victoria Beckham with a high-tech sports fabric bring a very personal style dresses. The blazer different textures to create to create a visual tension. Y-3 in the movement on the streets wind into the elements of England, and a loose sweatshirt and shorts, showing casual attitude.

Fashion Show

Jeremy Scott extensive use of denim, to create a hanging shoulder vest, coveralls, pants and other casual styles. Diesel silvery jeans with a casual shirt and jacket, leather vest sleeve sweatshirt combination of classic sporty into avant-garde.

Rag & Bone will be a variety of sports single product stack wear combines surfing nostalgia craze of the seventies, the UK Glastonbury Festival rock style, and nineties popular in Europe and the United States rave attire. Loose, comfortable trousers, dazzling blue-green hooded cloak are very style of the movement of a single productid skirt the outside with a sports jacket and coat, showing a New York girl with attitude.3.1Phillip Lim inspired kite cut blazers and silk trousers reflect a sense of lightness. Prabal Gerung sports style strap design coupled with the perspective of the fabric, with a casual sexy.

Jason Wu show jackets, skirts and T-shirts, and freely switch between casual and formal. Acne show will lose sport coat style and authentic street style is a mix and match.

Short Jacket sporty Burberry show on the modern sense, knitting, beads, carvings, weaving, inlay decorated, printed crafts movement profile of more exquisite detail.

Bottarga Venetta showed off baggy jeans with a sweatshirt, sportswear profile of Haider Ackermann silk to create the Givenchy show, surf-inspired leggings, sporty attitude. Stella McCartney may be warm-up for the upcoming Olympic Games, was appointed to London athlete’s uniforms in the individual series show sporty. Show on the edge of the wavy skirt, matched with the wave pattern printing and slippers, very dynamic vitality.

Landin this season also sports elements attempt, has long been the dress as the main Abler Elbaz designed a series of upload and download, blurring the boundaries of sportswear and evening gowns. The same printing suit sportswear upgrade to a formal occasion dress.

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