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Fashion has always been a form of status within society and it continues to rule the media and music. With technological advancements, there are many online fashion boutiques, magazines and influences all over the world. Despite the lack of technology in the 1800s, this is when it started to make an appearance with the first fashion designers.

The first designer was Charles Frederick Worth (1826-1895) who designed women€™s dresses and sold them in his fashion house – which is one of the first recorded fashion boutiques. Before this, clothing was only handled by anonymous seamstresses and the choice of style was ruled by the clothing worn by royalty. From this, many fashion houses began to hire artists who would sketch out potential designs to display to customers who would then order the particular ensemble that appealed to them the most. This is where the tradition began of designers sketching out the clothing to visualize what worked best before the creation of the actual garment.

Fashion Boutique

Throughout the early 20th century, many of the fashion boutiques originated in Paris – still one of the style capitals of the world, and few in London. Magazines solely dedicated to clothing were created which sent editors to the Paris fashion shows and department stores sent their buyers to Paris shows where they would buy designs to copy.

Photographs began to be included within the magazines and are now the most influential source of fashion to date. One of the most famous of these particular magazines was the La Gazette du bon ton which was founded in 1912 by the wonderful Lucien Vogel and carried on being published until 1925.The 1900s truly saw the birth of fashion and changed the whole concept of style and couture forever. The hourglass shape was the most prominent in the early 1900s and women could not dress or undress themselves without the help of another. The change of the seams and cuts of these hourglass dresses were what defined seasons – unlike today where clothing completely changes for every different weather change.

It was€™t until Coco Channel, one of the most famous designers in the world, brought our masculine styled attire. She took out the corsets and created a much more comfortable way of interpreting attire and once again, started a new revolution when it came to the production of clothing. This style of apparel was showcased in her fashion boutique for others to admire. Many designers then copied off her styles and created loosely fitting attire which did not require the torture of the constant hourglass figure.

Ever since, the war has affected fashion a lot as people were no longer as interested in the whole style concept as they were before. Clothing was rationed and style was almost disregarded – until the World War II ended. Experimentation started in the 60s and 70s with the hippie revolution and changed the way we interpret clothing today.

Fashion boutiques are available all over the world and many are now choosing to shop online rather than go to small boutiques. There is no doubt that clothing will change in the future and we will see something completely unprecedented – but for now these fashion boutiques will provide you with up-to-date style choices for inexpensive prices.

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