All About Dresses and Occasions

For women, shopping for dresses can be overwhelming. Because there are dresses for different occasions, body types as well as varying designs, choosing a dress for a specific event can indeed turn out to be an arduous task. However, you can make your dress shopping trips less stressful by understanding the common fashionable types of dresses for women and the occasions on which to wear them. Some categories of women’s dresses that are suitable for women of different body types and sizes include: Casual Dresses Since these are basically day dresses, one should ideally wear these dresses during the day like the ones available at Mary Jane cheap day dresses. Their key selling point is they look and feel comfortable. Depending on how casual a dress is, you can wear it either while performing various chores around the house or you can wear it when you go out shopping. There are numerous designs of casual dresses such as bustier, long or short sleeved and pleated. Casual dresses are not suitable for formal events.

Sundress As the name implies, it is daywear. In most cases, sundresses feature light, brightly colored fabric. The best time to wear sundresses is during summer or on other warm days. Sundresses are often casual but if you pair them with a sweater, you can wear them to semi-formal events, too.

All About Dresses and Occasions

Evening Gowns If you attend numerous formal or black-tie events, you should invest in several evening gowns. In general, dresses for formal events must be elegant and simple. Therefore, evening gowns are suitable for occasions such as business dinners or other serious events since they are stylish but non-ostentatious. When you go shopping for an evening gown, you should ideally pick a floor-length dress because gowns that show off your legs are not suitable for formal events.

Cocktail Dresses These dresses are suitable for various types of events including semi-formal and casual events. Shopping for a cocktail dress is also relatively easy since they are available in many styles. Most cocktail dresses are more flattering and chic than other types of women’s dresses. If you want to achieve a flashy look for a semi-formal event, buy cocktail dresses since they are available in different colors, fabrics, and length.

Conclusion If you do not know where to start when shopping for going out dresses, do not hesitate to take a friend who can offer some good suggestions. Once you go shopping, bear in mind the fact that different types, fabrics, colors and styles of dresses look different on different people. Do not buy a dress simply because you saw someone who looked good in a similar dress. Firstly, confirm that the dress is right for your body type and suitable for the event that you intend to attend. Similarly, do settle for a particular dress color just because it is in season, pick colors that flatter your skin tone.

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